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Green Laser Pointer

So what if one feels shaky about a presentation? That is no reason why the laser pointer should be shaky too! Welcome to the world of steady, confident presentations. With the new green laser pointer, a successful confident presentation is just a click away.

The green laser pointer, the world's most powerful hand laser pointer, is also surprisingly affordable for most individual users. Sophistication is a given for this item. The green laser pointer is noticeably and significantly brighter than the red one - the green laser beam itself can be seen with the naked eye and the dot too can be seen at distances far greater than those made by the red pointers. Their wavelengths cannot compare either - the green laser pointer's wavelength is far superior. What is more, one can see the beam of the green pointer in mid air in the dark. Not a feature that is shared by the red laser pointer, which is actually just a laser beam point. The green laser pointer is thus ideal for use for pointing to star constellations, for astronomy, for signaling as well as for projection on low clouds. With this, the wave output is constant and it is not the pulse variety of the other pointers.
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The Light Saber

For fans of Star Wars, - this is the closest one will get to a light saber. The new generation laser pointers - the green laser pointers. These have been designed and developed by some of the world's best scientists and engineers and one can safely call them the pinnacle of laser technology. What we have as features for even the very basic green laser pointers are - extremely bright green laser light at 532nm wavelength, with output power of less than 5mW. The beam diameter at source is around 1.1 mm for most varieties available. Their ease of usage and heavy duty construction ensures they are not too delicate to be used by amateurs. The green laser pointers can be used for star-gazing and pointing, for signaling, for detecting explosives - all pertinent and relevant as present day concerns
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